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The Witchery Mod is a massive addition to Minecraft that basically turns you into a witch, wizard, warlock or necromancer, take your pick.

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Pokemon GO Resource Pack PokePack for Minecraft 1.8.9,. 1.11.2 Mod for Minecraft 1.12, 1.11, 1.10, 1.Medieval Mobs adds 3 new mobs to Minecraft that don a more medieval atmosphere. you will love this mod. what are the coins for.The Better PVP Mod was created by xaero96 back in the year 2014.

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For example when a mod or plugin is preventing a player from breaking a.

Jetpack Joyride Mod: 100% working on 13 devices, voted by 14, developed by Halfbrick Studios.

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Lightweight, flexible, popular plugin for any Minecraft server.Welcome to the Minecraft mod CustomStuff Wiki Custom Stuff is a Minecraft mod developed by CubeX2 that allows for the addition of blocks and items into the game.

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Login or Register. or. Online Users Online users (0) No users.Here the version v7-0-1 for 1.8 and 7-0-2 for 1.8.9 Lucky Block Mod:.

This mod allows you to trade any items using coins.The trading is done at an Universal Trade Station.And there we go, Minecraft 1.8.9 is now released and available in our.This plugin supports minecraft 1.8,1.8.9 and requires the following mods.

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It is compatible with the latest version 1.12.2 of Minecraft.