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Learn how to use Ruby On Rails 5 to build a professional REST API Server.Here is a more advanced Basic example where only Atom feeds and the XML API is protected by HTTP.Spec examples that are tagged as public describe aspects of the gem public API,.

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Vinoth shows you how to authenticate the users of your Rails-based APIs with JSON Web Tokens.Simple token authentication. In our case our users will exchange their API keys for a one-time-use access token.

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Here is a more advanced Token example where only Atom feeds and the XML API is.

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Add JWT Authentication to your Rails API from scratch. Learn how to create simple API tokens for authentication.

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This tutorial demonstrates how to add authorization to a Ruby on Rails API.Learn how to create simple API tokens for authentication with Devise. 21 API Tokens with Devise Token.Ruby on Rails 5.2.0 Module ActionController::HttpAuthentication::.

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An Introduction to Using JWT Authentication. requests to the API.

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Get access tokens and refresh tokens for the Gmail API using Ruby on Rails and.

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This guide explains how to effectively use Rails to develop a JSON API application.

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